42:58.6N 52:22.1W

Sula Sula III
Tue 27 Jun 2023 21:06
"Ships I see no ships" As we approach the Grand Banks and the Southern limit of Icebergs we seem to be in some sort of shipping motorway. We have passed at least a dozen within 3 miles in the last 24 hrs but have only seen a couple of them. The one, whose engines are clearly audible, passing us as I write, was only just over a mile away but not even a glimmer of it. We are not even over the banks and visibility is right down to under a mile. The last 24 hrs into St John's is going to be tense; Iceberg watch with limited visibility doesn't sound much fun.
Also, it would appear that the Skylink network of satellites do not consider these waters to be worthy of anything more than the occasional connection, sending or receiving data is a laborious process and weather Gribs restart downloading as soon as connection is lost.....grrrr!
The weather has been most generous; we have had between 8 and 11 knots in a little sliver of wind between a couple of holes which has afforded between 4 and 5.5 knots in almost flat seas. Could not have asked for more. Looks like we will have a bit more for the reach into St John's though.
I have charts for every conceivable diversion, and Navionics subscription for every coast except this one.....it really did not occur to me that we would have to come this far North so early. I can almost hear Will saying something about piss poor preparation.....he might have a point?