51:35.3N 41:05.9W

Sula Sula III
Mon 10 Jul 2023 12:47
So update at 07.00 UT. Making 119 (true) 48° off the wind making 5.2 knots in 12 apparent in flat seas....and I am ahead of the virtual boats.... OK so maybe a little to leeward but don't think that will matter as this shifts round to the North....Seem to be just staying ahead of the hole that is marching ever on my tail.
12.00 UT. I can run....but I can't hide! Eeking 3.3 knots out of 6 or 7 apparent.... Might be like this for a bit? So near and yet so far. Still a chance for domestics; hoover out today, and a shower for me in warm water from running the engine... What luxury!
Sunshine today....still barely warming, and we are making a bit more ground towards her rising. The weather routing is still saying 11 days so maybe this won't last so long?

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