15:48.0 N. 31:32.3 W

Sula Sula III
Mon 26 Dec 2022 10:48
Dropped the sails and stopped the boat for four and a half hours as part of our Christmas celebration. (Still managed 120 miles despite the break. It was so welcome not to be fighting the roll for a bit. We roasted a huge (2kg) piece of fish for dinner with sauted potatoes and the last of the avocado with a "garden" ( mong bean sprouts which grow really fast in this warmth) salad. We were not sure how long to cook it for; Pau though 35mins Stan and I thought 40 and Mario 45 mins. We Spoofed for it (to let the coins decide) 45 mins won which was just as well as with 10 mins rest it was cooked to perfection. So good we managed to eat the lot. We still have 16 steaks left so will be eating it for a couple of days! Stan wanted a Christmas swim but the sea state was so confused it was considered not safe as getting back on board would be difficult.
Sleep has been a real issue with the rolling; we are all pretty exhausted. Moved to the Mario watch system....(even more complex than the perverted Swedish one) 2 Hr shifts from 10pm to 6am so we get one each and then 3 Hr shifts til Midday when we have a four hour shift when the main meal is prepared and eaten. Then two more three hour shifts to get us back to 10pm. Will change (again) if it doesn't work.
Latest plan is to drive her a bit harder during the day so we can reduce sail a bit at night and try and get some sleep.