12:48.0 N 38:35.0 W

Sula Sula III
Thu 29 Dec 2022 10:04
Hallucinations have started.....I remember that from last time too. On my last couple of "dead of night" slots, I have noticed a figure sitting in the corner of the cockpit sheltering under the coachroof; actually had to check with the head torch first time but now I recognize him I don't need to. Still....at least I'm not talking to him?
What does cause the trade winds? Bit of a discussion about this yesterday with some interesting theories. The sort of chat that Google would have nipped in the bud before it got going; really appreciating being "netfree" and probably the last few years of freedom now that Elon already has the Atlantic covered with his web of satellites.
150 miles to 09.00.this morning. Some punchy squalls last night with up to 30 knots apparent (and 8 on the dial) but we had reduced both headsails and she coped well; pretty glad I replaced all the standing rigging though. The weather models are suggesting less wind towards the end of the crossing so we are going to clock as much West as possible and leave the last bit of South for a broad reach in if we have to. Ed reminded me to adjust the halliard tensions on the forestays from time to time...All done Ed!