arrived Surins - 10 march

Terry & Fiona
Thu 14 Mar 2013 09:39
09: 25.8 n
097: 51.4 e
arrived in the Surins just after dark on 10 March. about a dozen dazzling squid boats lit the way and provided enough ambient light for us to anchor.
We motored the last day in flat sea with at least a knot of current against us much of the way. We saw a whale breaching about half a mile away from us before it did a full ‘flukes up ‘ dive, never to be seen again.
the next morning,  it was a nice surprise to find Full Flight here as well as Gaia who had arrived 2 days before us having left Port Blair 4 days before us. we were welcomed with delicious bacon sandwiches.
Tony and Pat took Fiona snorkelling where we saw more new coral growth and fish than we had in the Andamans!