28 jan Teluk Dayung Bunting

Terry & Fiona
Sat 28 Jan 2012 07:05
06:12.10 n
099:46,73 e
Left Penang Straits Quay Marina early on a cloudy morning.
Sea very bumpy and wind steadily increased throughout the morning till we had 2 reefs in the main and stll doing 7+ kts (carrying tide till 2pm-ish).
But as the afternoon wore on the wind eased, the sun came out, the sea flattened and we were ghosting at 2.5kts!
eventually gave up and put engine on only to catch a plastic bag around the prop which Fiona pulled off with the gaff hook.
Windy overnight, as forecast, gusting 20+ but good holding at the anchorage of the Princess Lake or the Pregnant Maiden or similar!