Terry & Fiona
Sat 16 Apr 2011 11:13
02:33.464 n
073:06.37 e
we actually had the sails up today which gave us a little bit of a lift in a light westerly breeze as we headed SE with the engine on.
T is having another go at repairing the dinghy as it has sprung another leak under the rubbing strake. cleaning off the old glue is a nightmare!
we arrived in the harbour at Buruni and tied up alongside the wall. we were greeted by Saleem, a local Councillor who welcomed us to the town. he reminded us that if we were to go into the town we should dress appropriately - I was in bikini with a cotton top just about covering my bottom and T only had his swimming shorts on - NOT appropriate! he also gave us his phone number incase we needed anything.
the approach channel was quite easy, but not deep - 3.7 and only 2.7 alongside and we aren't sure of the state of the tide!