day 12

Terry & Fiona
Fri 20 May 2011 01:21
05.40.00 n
092.49.00 e

speed 5.5kts
course 083
wind ssw 8

140 miles west of Sumatra

a good day for motorsailing yesterday - ie we were able to motor and keep
both sails filled. we managed to get some good speeds as the current has let
up a bit. still motorsailing. hoping to reach P.Weh tomorrow.

we have had several pods of dolphins visit us. a couple of days ago there
was a baby with the group who always stuck by its mother or guardian apart
from odd forays off to the side, once for some acrobatics. yesterday there
was a pod with a similar sized youngster and another about half of its size.
it looked so cute. aaahhhh.

we've been having a morning 'net' each day. each of us taking it in turns to
be the net controller, all a mix of Marmaris and the VdG. it's become rather
silly with poems being made up about each other. Davina even set a quiz the
other day. its Ant's turn today and i wonder if he'll become all serious now
that we are amongst shipping.