BoB day4

Terry & Fiona
Thu 12 May 2011 02:28
03 :35.3 n
078:39.0 e

4kts sailing
course 090 ish
current wind abt SW 5-8kts.

had to resort to the engine yesterday for a few hours for 2 due to lack of

we sailed most of the night with a decent breeze. the wind seems to be at
its lightest at dawn. we are now trying to run wing-wing poled poled out to
minimise the slatting in the bumpy sea. some success.

current plan is to keep around this latitude till 82/83 east then start
heading ENE where we may find stronger winds to the east of sri lanka. but
thats a few days away yet. we're covering around 2 deg longitude per day.

jupiter, venus, mercury and mars all rise in the east virtually together
just before dawn, very bright, squall clouds allowing!