It IS a WORM 4 Jan

Terry & Fiona
Fri 4 Jan 2013 07:28
Went to the International hospital today and Fiona does indeed have a WORM in her foot.
The doctor was very relaxed about it; its fairly normal and since it was not near any vital organs, there was no immediate danger. She was prescribed a short course of worming tablets which stop the worm being able to feed so it starves to death. We also got a preventative dose for Terry and it was mashed up in his food (good boy!).
2 things:
- people who live and work near beaches normally take a preventative worming dose – just like cats and dogs – each year.
- doc said he regularly saw female tourists who, after sunbathing face down on the beach, come to him with worm tracks AROUND their breasts. eeeek!!!