Surin Beach Jetski Hell 2 Jan

Terry & Fiona
Wed 2 Jan 2013 14:08
07 58.5
09 16.4
Patong to Surin Beach 5.3nm
Upped anchor early for the short hop north for a change of scenery.
Beach looked nice, if crowded with umbrellas, the sea was smooth and the sun was shining. anchor held nicely about 200m off shore.
at 10am it started  - dozens of rented jet skis ridden by morons rode around around and around, up and down, wah,wah,wah. droning noise and bounce, bounce, bounce in the wash they created. AND jetskis are supposed to be banned in Phuket!!!!
Went ashore later and found Roberto diMatteo (recently sacked manager of Chelsea FC) enjoying lunch at one of the Beach Clubs. the price list showed that the cost for the priveldge of using their facilities was 5000 baht/day that’s 100 quid. you even had to pay a deposit for the towels. they should be giving them away at that price! and this is progress??