day 10

Terry & Fiona
Wed 18 May 2011 02:04
05:12.5 n
089:00.5 e

course 050
speed 3.5kts
350 miles west Sumatra/450 ESE Sri Lanka

spent most of the day motoring in light ESE winds with a head current. we've
had mostly fine weather during the day and occasional squalls at night with
nothing much in them. about an hour after sunset we had lots of cloud with a
procession of squalls for about 4 hours with some rain and a little wind.
our 'problem' was being left with a very choppy head sea afterwards.
eventually at around midnight with a little more wind and a clear horizon we
turned the engine off and after a lot of fine tuning managed to get
sailing - a bit off course but at least we're sailing!
we've kind of resigned ourselves to spending 4 more nights at sea rather
than 3 as we'd have to make around 4.5 kts to arrive with enough day light
in Sumatra, that would mean burning a lot of diesel at higher revs, or we
could just enjoy a bit more sailing when we get the chance.

all well on board. bread making day today.