Al Mukallah

Terry & Fiona
Fri 12 Mar 2010 18:35
14:31.4 n
49:08.9 e
arr Al Mukallah fishing harbour 18.40. very pleased to be here after a very eventful leg of the convoy. i recorded 10 incidents which we had to stop for which included 3 boats caught in nets, steering problems, a split end cap on a heat exchanger resulting in flooding of engine bay and saloon, a blown cylinder head gasket which meant the boat had to be taken under tow by Mistral for 70nm - meanwhile the crew (2) were repairing the engine at sea! 2 boats collided when being caught in the same net, the 2nd boat lost steerage so could not avoid the first one.
problems also caused by boats refusing to run their engines harder to maintain a 5kt speed. this is not a cruise, its pirate alley and we want to get out of here asap!
re-fueled here.