Malacca Strait

Terry & Fiona
Fri 27 May 2011 04:19
06:04.756 n
097:11.503 e

0815 (0115 gmt).
we left Sabang, Pulau Weh yesterday at 0700 and motored to clear the
currents around the island and then settled to sailing. we had better winds
for longer than were forecast, but the sea was very uncomfortable. we can
only imagine that with the eastbound current and the westerly wind, caused
the sea to get such a steep short chop. we were goose-winged (one sail each
side) which is a rolly combination at the best of times, but exaggerated by
the sea. it all gives your tummy muscles a good work out!
we were also in a very busy shipping area with traffic going in and out of
the Malacca Straits - ships from the Med and the Gulf etc to Singapore and
beyond: to Philippines, China and Japan. we have a little magic box of
tricks called an AIS that picks up course and speed data from each ship and
tells us if any are on a collision or will come close. our AIS also
transmits similar data to ships so they can see us too. nevertheless, we had
to call several ships on the radio to check they had seen us and to give us
more clearance. so not much sleep for either of us.

so, very glad its a new day. we are east of most of the shipping traffic now
and have just had an email from some friends we met in Cochin to see if we
want to join them at an anchorage in the Butan Islands about 30 miles short
of Langkawi. if they are staying more than one night, then we might do that.