Ko Tarutao, 14 May

Terry & Fiona
Mon 14 May 2012 14:02
099:41.1 e
an early start for 50 miles to Tarutao. made some good speed initially in WNW15-20kt winds but if the wind eased, we rolled the wind out of the sails in the swell to leave them banging and slatting - very unpleasant.
we were headed for the anchorage behind the NE tip of Tarutao but the waves were heading straight in, but further south we found superb shelter about half way down - just to the north of the Ranger station and jetty - although plenty of room for many boats if necessary. the silence was almost deafening - just the noise of bird calls in the densely wooded slopes ashore.
the forecast was for more wind the following day, and although we had the occasional gust down the steep slopes we felt little in this snug spot.