ko yao yai west - emergency dash

Terry & Fiona
Mon 12 Dec 2011 00:15

shortly after arriving in the southern bay of ko yao yai we had a bit of a
squall and some rain that left some southerly swell creeping into the bay.
this began to turn to waves combined with a low spring tide (3.4m and due to
be lower tomorrow) made the anchorage untenable, so at 17.00 we decided to
make a dash for some better shelter in fast fading light.
a couple of miles up the west side we found a jetty with a couple of boats
moored in a little nook providing shelter from the southerly chop.. we
anchored in 12m off the beach just before it turned pitch black and the rain
began. we were able to enjoy dinner in a much more comfortable spot.
by midnight the swell had turned northerly again making it a little bit
rolly - uncomfortable, not dangerous.