Terry & Fiona
Thu 7 Apr 2011 02:31
03:40.59 n
073:24.76 e
We successfully retrieved the anchor this morning having dropped it very close to a coral bommie - getting it stuck in coral 10m down would not be very good, either for us or the coral! there were several safari boats here and a lot of ferry and other boat traffic zooming in and out creating a lot of wash. we are re-gluing the dinghy back together again, so waiting for the glue to go off before we can put it back in the water and go ashore.
We zig-zagged out of the southern entrance of South Male Atoll around the reefs across the Kandu to the north-west entrance at Felidhoo.
We passed a fishing boat anchored in the turbulent waters as the sea rises up the steep slopes of the atoll edge. they were pulling in fish one after the other. they signalled to us about fishing and I showed them we were already trailing a line. I got the thumbs up and was signalled to keep tugging on it. despite all that, we did not get a nibble and in the time it took us to pass them, they must have pulled in 8 fish! useless!
We followed the edge of the reef into the lagoon in front of Felidhoo island. very peaceful.
We snorkelled on a nearby bommie marvelling at the tame fish life. in Velassuru one couple said they had seen some octopus, so I've been on the look out for one. in one bommie there was a strange thing clinging to a nook in a rock. it swayed and swelled a bit - could it be an octopus? Terry looked and we both agreed it could be. the next day it was still there making me doubt that it was alive, on the 3rd it still hadn't moved, so I reckon it was a coral covered bag or something stuck there!