28 Dec Boat Lagoon, Phuket.

Terry & Fiona
Wed 28 Dec 2011 11:01
The awful forecast for New Years Eve had us running for shelter to Boat Lagoon Marina. with guests, John and Vanessa on board we did not want to have to spend the night onboard sheltering from wind and rain.
A rough start to the passage south of Phuket, through Ao Chalong to get shelter from the easterly winds and up the east side of Phuket. The marina is only accessible around the hours of high tide, depending on the draft of one's boat. some days are totally inaccessible for us and some deep keel boats can only access it on a few days around spring tides. to its not ideal is an understatement! However, there is a good lift out area  and some good contractors on site to do all sorts of work - including teak decks, electrics etc - hence it's quite popular.
the pilot book gives a waypoint for the start of the 'dredged' channel across the shallows to the marina (shared by Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket next door). keeping the markers to the port side we followed the channel into the mangrove swamps with still not a sight of a mast. We were over-taken by several motor boats, some doing, we thought, an excessive speed in this shallow, narrow channel. All of a sudden there is a left turn with boats moored on both sides but no sign until AFTER the turning to say that the first entrance is for Royal Phuket. We continued up and around the corner, cut one corner to sharply and went aground! We managed to get off when a boat passed causing enough wash to lift us off.
We were met by a mooring boat who showed us to our berth, tied up and looked around - what a soul-less place! Since we had not anticipated being in a marina, we had enough provisions so ate on board and entertained ourselves. Next day J&V went on a bus trip around the island to some old haunts and we went to work. Once again emptying the cockpit locker to access the dodgy freshwater pump which is playing up again. Terry went off to find Mike of Pro-Carpentering who is going to do the work on our decks for him to take a look at the job and give us both a chance to clarify some issues.
by later afternoon we were ready for a swim so found the pool (only to find a bigger, better pool at the hotel a bit later). J&V came back from their trip just after a big downpour and we went for dinner in the italian restaurant for pizza!
next day we checked the weather - the nasty forecast had miraculously disappeared so a decision made to leave at high tide (2pm-ish) after a quick trip to Tesco for provisions.