Rai Le Beach 11 Jan

Terry & Fiona
Fri 11 Jan 2013 18:06
08:00.6 n
098:49.9 e
Ko Muang to Rai Le 20nm?
Managed to sail some of the way today for a change.
anchored off the west side of Rai Le, the wind was still west and blowing on-shore, but we gambled on it turning back to the east later and that if there was any nasty weather it would come from the north east and we would be more comfortable on this side.
Rai Le is a back-packer haven. lots of little cafes and trinket shops as well as some low comfort lodgings. Everything has to be brought in by boat (and rubbish taken away) so prices are a little inflated. the area is also famous for its rock climbing on the vertiginous limestone castes in a spectacular setting.
We wen ashore in the evening, picking our way through all the land-lubbers watching the sunset from the beach, juggling and having their photos taken while jumping in the air. quite a nice relaxed atmosphere.