Dec 3-6th ko khao yai

Terry & Fiona
Tue 6 Dec 2011 03:05
06:48.8 n
099:41.0 e

nice wide anchorage between 2 islands off the mainland. we got a bit of SW
swell on the 2nd morning after a blow, slightly uncomfortable for a couple
of hours.

tried to fix the freshwater pump - everything out of the cockpit locker to
get underneath the floor. the spare pump we had was not strong enough to
lift the water from the tank, so we swapped the salt water and fresh water
pumps over. we checked they both worked and quickly put everything away
again before it began to rain and blow, which it did for the rest of the
day. the pumps are not a success. one is drawing in air which won't clear
and the other whines when switched on. so it will all have to come out again
very soon.

next day (5th Dec, Happy Birthday to the King of Thailand) John and Pearl on
Hydrus came in and cooked us a fish curry with some of the 10kg spanish
mackeral they had caught 2 days before - much of which they had to throw
away as the sunsail charterers didn't want it - they were going ashore to a