Bay of Bengal day 7

Terry & Fiona
Sun 15 May 2011 03:08
04.19.9 n
084.14.0 e

course 080
speed. ave 4.8
wind SW 10kts
660 miles covered (nearly 6 days)

abt 200 miles SE sri lanka, very nearly half way to sumatra..

have had a good 24 hrs. we thought we wd try poling out the genoa again
yesterday before resorting to the spinnaker and it has worked very well. we
even had it rigged all night although we did have to reef twice in squalls.
we certainly found some wind yesterday where there was not supposed to be
too much.

normal service seems to be very light winds from 6am to 10am, we're
struggling now to fill the sails and they are badly slatting as the wind
gets rolled out. irritating and worrying or the pressure on the sails and

all well on board. Divanty about 1 mile off on our port side.