Terry & Fiona
Tue 12 Apr 2011 02:26
03:36.35 n
072:57.15 e
Motored all the way across the pass to South Ari atoll.
the entrance to the lagoon here is a bit tricky and we used Google Earth hooked up to a gps to give us a better chart plotter than Cmap which is hopelessly out here. there was no obvious pass - the one marked at the north looked too shallow and another stick on the north west did not look clear. in the end we anchored out side while Terry took the dinghy to measure depths with a lead line.
we anchored off the small island and had a peaceful night - except for the 2 hours at sunset a dive boat ran their compressor to re-fill their air bottles.
day2 we had a little rain but not enough to clean our filthy decks. we heard the boats in Male are still waiting to be loaded on their transport ship.