30 Dec Ban Nit/Pan Wa Bay

Terry & Fiona
Fri 30 Dec 2011 05:12
A lovely spot on the East side of Chalong Bay off a small resort and 2 beach bars.
NYE we all had a long lunch ashore followed by a snooze and then fireworks and fizzy at midnight.
1000's of fireworks lit the sky all around the bay in a fantastic display.
Jan 1st, after bacon sarnies for breakfast, john and vanessa have decided its time to move on, so took them ashore. they are trying to meet up with other ex-Marmaris cruisers they know in the area - Pat and Tony on full flight, for one. About 2 hours after J&V got transport into Phuket, Full Flight anchored in the bay about 200m from us!
We stayed another week enjoying the smooth water and easy landing at this side of the bay compared to the Chalong side, not to mention the Beach Bar which got a lot of business from us!
Friday 6th we hired a bike and checked out of Thailand in preparation for heading south back to Langkawi and on to Penang,