Patong Jan 1 2013

Terry & Fiona
Tue 1 Jan 2013 10:59
survived last nights firework display. a totally unco-ordinated set of explosions and colour from all around the bay, starting of course early – about 11.45pm and going on till around 2am, all shapes, sizes and colours.
the music from the stage erected about 100m off shore blasted out, but amazingly did not bother us too much – perhaps because the 20-30kt winds blew it all away.
most memorable were the hundreds and thousands of ‘lucky’ chinese lanterns flying through the sky in the brisk breeze, each one airbourne for maybe 5 minutes or so before burning out and falling back to earth/sea/boat rigging. at any one time we could count 50-70 in the sky. the ‘attack’ started at around 9pm and went on until after we went to bed at 2am. how many in total? you can try and do the maths! how much SPENT on the darn things.....?