still in uligan

Terry & Fiona
Fri 25 Feb 2011 12:40
we're still anchored here in the beautiful Uligan.
We went ashore yesterday and were given the guided tour by Imad, our agent here. if you want to cruise the islands, you have to have an agent who is responsible for you throughout your stay in the maldives. we saw the school, the football pitch, the 2 shops, the official offices including the magistrates court and met the local judge who usually only has things to do like officiate at marriages and other legal affairs rather than pass sentence on any crimes. we were shown the clinic which over-sees 4-6 births each year and 3-5 deaths. the place is spotlessly clean - you have to keep the area in front of your house or building clean and tidy - take note india - see how simple it can be.
Terry went out with his spear gun this morning for the first time, but couldn't even get the thing to fire! fortunately Matt on Island Time managed to get a couple for our supper tonight. Roam II will be providing coleslaw and potatoes - not quite the hunter image we'd hoped for.
we'll probably be leaving here monday heading south for the Hideaway Resort if they will let us use their buoy.