Pulau Weh.

Terry & Fiona
Sat 21 May 2011 10:08
05.52.76 n
095.15.45 e

we arrived this morning at the Iboih Nature Reserve in Pulau Weh, this
morning at 0530 gmt. 1336 miles 12 days and 1 hour. 50% under engine.

it is absolutely beautiful. hope to stay a few days. we've already been
visited by authorities unfortunately. not quite sure what is going to happen
as they insisted on taking our maldives port clearance, also very insistent
on doing aa health check and looking over the boat. the one thing they
didn't look at was our passports. if immigration do come, then we may have
another problem as we don't have a visa for indonesia. i'm sure it'll work
out, but not sure how much it will cost!

next leg to langkawi malaysia