Terry & Fiona
Mon 10 May 2010 09:28
09:59.2 n
076:16.17 e
our last leg of the Vasco da Gama Rally from Goa to Cochin. phew. completed, ticked. done.
3 nights at sea dodging every kind of fishing boat around with a myriad of indeterminate lights and methods of fishing. it was mostly luck that we didn't get caught in anything. also the weather has turned 'pre-monsoon' - very squally and thunder storms. the 2nd night we went 35 miles off shore to out run 2 squalls one of which had the most lightning i have ever seen - it would have been awesome if i hadn't been so scared. the 3rd night we had a few drops of rain and about 30 knots of wind for 20 minutes, so not so bad.
check in at Cochin is an art form. you have to anchor off the harbour masters office and not move till you've filled out a forrest of forms and collected a book of stamps - even though we've already checked in to india! we were done at about 3pm after a 9am arrival.
we're now at india's first marina which is a week old. great to have fresh running water and electricity for the first time in 5 months and 4000 miles!