day 11

Terry & Fiona
Thu 19 May 2011 01:38
05:26.6 n
090.41.2 e

course 084
wind SE 5-7kts

260 miles west of sumatra. 540 miles east of sri lanka.

over 1000 miles covered - not all necessarily in the right direction! we
went sail-about the night before yesterday a bit too far north
motored most of yesterday in very light winds from ESE but a tricky N going
current. the compass says we're pointing113 degrees but we are actually
headed 083. a 30 degree difference!
started sailing again at midnight and have been doing consistently over
4.5kts. there is an outside chance of making sabang by saturday afternoon.
the extra sailing means we have put some fuel back in the bank so can afford
to up the revs if the engine needs to go back on,

shipping now visible to the north of us both on the AIS and sometimes by
eye. all headed in a straight line to or from the same corner of the Malacca
Straits that we are. we're trying to keep a little south of their track, but
we need to keep a sharper look out after days of seeing nothing but 1 other
sailing boat.

all well on board. bread making went ok - a sloping loaf - must be due to
the heeling of the boat ;-)