BoB day 5

Terry & Fiona
Fri 13 May 2011 04:33
03:45.0 n
080.24.0 e

about 140 nm south of sri lanka

at 0600 (0100 gmt)

course 081
wind SW 5-10kts. not quite enough to sail with so have been motoring since
1000 yesterday.

have altered course to 080 to head for the n tip of sumatra and the hope
that we might find wind. sumatra is just under 900nm away.
one fishing boat seen yesterday. showed a slight interest but moved off when
both boats closed ranks.

Susie asked about rain: we haven't had much rain, although there is plenty
about under small squall clouds (so far no big thunder clouds). one behind
us looked very dark and menacing and we thought, headed directly for us and
certain to give us a good wash down and some stiff sailing. neither
materialised. winds were briefly 20kts, quickly dropping to 12 or so and the
rain stayed in the cloud while it passed over us. we did get a spectacular
rainbow for a long while afterwards. we had a small shower overnight.

there is talk on Roam2 of trying the spinnaker today. we'll see.