Penang. Straits Quay Marina

Terry & Fiona
Thu 16 Aug 2012 17:16
05:27.35 n
100:18.72 e
Straits Quay Marina, Penang. 57nm
Motored all the way. No decent useable wind until about 6 miles out! Boring trip, but have to keep a sharp look out as there is so much rubbish in the water – bits of nets, rope, bags and even a 50 gallon drum that we initially mistook for a big turtle!
something whacked into the prop, so we quickly took the engine out of gear and I had a quick dip in the sea to check the stern gear. I did see a bag drift from under the boat, but whether it was THE bag, we’ll never know....
Arrived at 5.30pm an hour before low tide (spring-ish) and just scraped in.