Ko Rawi, Butangs

Terry & Fiona
Sat 28 May 2011 06:32
06:32.46 n
099:11.34 e

We got word that some friends we had met in Cochin were due to stop at the
Thai island of Ko Butang, 30 miles short of Langkawi so we altered course
yesterday evening to head for them. we arrived at 10am this morning. Another
little side trip before we get to Langkawi!

Unfortunately just after we had taken the sail down, we noticed that the
cooling water for the engine was not pumping again, so we quickly unfurled
the genoa (foresail) and drifted down towards the anchorage. our friends
came out in their dinghy, we tied them alongside and used their engine to
push us into a good spot to drop the anchor.

its a beautiful spot to do some engine maintenance!

will let you know what happens next!