day 9

Terry & Fiona
Tue 17 May 2011 01:24
04:49 n
087:24 e

course 080
speed 4.0kts motoring
wind ESE 1-5 kts

350 miles ESE Sril Lanka., 450 nm from Sumatra
very slow going motoring into 0.8kt current and slight head winds.
have seen no other boats for 2 days.

yesterday morning the sea turned to glass with barely a ripple on it - ie NO
wind. wind increased to a heady 2kts ESE by mid afternoon. Divanty suggested
mid-ocean raft up to have a chat and a swim, so at 14.30, we threw them a
line, leaving Roam 2 to hang off their stern and swam over to Divanty. it
was a surprisingly tough swim against the 0.8kt current and a surreal
experience to sit on another boat, looking at our own boat in the middle of
ocean. we nicknamed it BOB's Bar - Bay of Bengal Bar!!! we had a much easier
drift back to Roam2 a couple of hours later.

all well on board, although we seem to have leaked half a tank of cooking
gas, so cold supper and drinks overnight. or spare bottle has a different
regulator which T couldn't change in the dark. hopefully i'll get my morning
cuppa in an hour or so.