10 jan Ao muang South

Terry & Fiona
Thu 10 Jan 2013 19:48
08:08.07 n
098:37.9 e
Ko Roi to Ao Muang via Chong Lat & Phak Bia. 23nm
thought we would visit islands in far NE of Phang Nga at Chong Lat. unfortunately it was not as picturesque as we had hoped – really muddy water and not terribly attractive surroundings, so we moved on, heading for the small group of islands at Ko Phak Bia Easy of Ko Yao Noi. By the time we got there, the wind was blowing westerly and making it quite bumpy and the anchor chain was grinding on unseen rocks. it could have just bee a late sea breeze...but we upped anchor and ended up in Ao Muang S, a bay on the east side of Ko Yao Noi for a quite night.