Hole in the Wall, Langkawi

Terry & Fiona
Fri 11 Nov 2011 04:52

10 nov

At last left RLYC today to go to the Hole in the Wall anchorage on the NE of
the island en route to the Boatyard at Satun, thailand.
We felt a bit rusty as it was tricky pilotage with uncertain charts through
an area that was new to us with many shallows and reefs.
HitW is a lovely spot, only spoiled by the constant trip boats throughout
the day until sunset that race past at 30kts with noisy engines. The
passengers seem to enjoy it though! the scenery is great with steep sided
granite cliffs, and mangroves with a lot of wildlife. in the peace between
trip boats we marvelled at the bird sounds from ashore.
On the trip up we also saw dolphins, sea eagles and a 2 foot long crocodile!