Andamans to Thailand. day 3/4 ,10 march

Terry & Fiona
Sun 10 Mar 2013 03:18
09: 41,1 n
097: 05.6 e
10 march. day 4 300 miles from Port Blair.
a mixed day yesterday, starting with some nice winds and a pleasant sea making for  a good sail in the right direction towards the Thai coast.
at about 2pm I looked up ahead and saw some really menacing looking clouds with black bases to the sea, for the next 5 hours we were dealing with squalls, wind shifts and rain . by 1915 the winds had died away leaving a black moonless cloudy night, so we’ve been motoring all night. we saw our first ship yesterday afternoon  - infact the first of any traffic since we left Port Blair.
we haven’t caught any fish and this morning the rapala lure has gone from the fishing line.
making bread this morning.