BoB day6

Terry & Fiona
Sat 14 May 2011 01:35
03:58.5 n
082:11.6 e

0630 (0130 gmt)
course 080
speed 3.8kts
wind WSW 8 kts
sailing since 1630 yesterday.

what a rollercoaster day yesterday. ominously friday 13th. fiona baked bread
first thing, terry hit his head on a boom he forgot he had and fiona burnt
herself on the bread tin. the 3rd thing was that we had to replace the
impellor on the raw water pump. after motoring till late morning, we had a
brief flirt with sailing, but weren't really going anywhere, so put the
engine back on. no water from the exhaust. so poor terry had to put his
mechanics hat on and get to work in a hot boat pitching around in the swell.
fiona was trying to sail the boat on a meaningful course - basically
anything going east! it actually only took about an hour and at least in the
day light.
we motored again till about 16.30 and have been under sail ever since. but
its been a squally, wet night with winds of all strengths from all
directions. dawn has broken with towering thunder clouds and a nasty short
rolly sea. we're currently trying to get back with Divanty after our courses
diverged last night.