Admiral of My Heart

Peregrina's Journey
Peter and Margie Benziger
Fri 1 Jun 2018 22:52
24:13.9N  110:19.3W

Admiral of My Heart


Peregrina rocks gently at anchor

The rising sun casts a pink glow

Here in the Sea of Cortez

The tides begin to gently flow


Sounds like a normal morning

The seagulls caw as they swoop by

But there is something special today

And perhaps you would like to know why


It is all based on today’s date

June 1 is different from all the rest

It celebrates the birth of a woman

Who is just the very, very best


Wahoo then for Margie

It’s her birthday you see

A time to celebrate

All that she means to me

While I am the Captain exalted

Aboard the fine ship we sail

She is the Admiral of my heart

Loving me without fail


To me her birthday is monumental

For it marks the end of another year

Of a shipmate on life’s adventure

And a girl I hold so very dear


Who knows what lays ahead

The future is not possible to see

But I know that we will be together

And that is enough for me.





Your loving husband

                                                                    June 1, 2018