A horror story with a happy ending

Peregrina's Journey
Peter and Margie Benziger
Tue 27 Mar 2018 23:30
27:96N   111:03E


Every once in a while, a sailboat needs a refit.

In early 2018, Peregrina had her refit while located “on the hard” in the desert of San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.


Peter went to Peregrina to handle the refit while Margie stayed in Miami to work and bolster the sailing kitty. This is the story of Peter, alone on Peregrina, and the HORROR that ensues…

When Peter arrived at Peregrina, she was in perfect order with all the tools in the forward tool room and the boat set up for “on the hard” storage.

Here is our hero, holding his wrench and ready to wreak havoc.


Peter had pretty ambitious plans for Peregrina’s refit. The plans included engine repair and maintenance, new thru-hull fittings, rewiring, putting in a rebuilt engine shaft, fitting a re-machined propeller, rigging, bottom paint, etc. etc.

Tools for these jobs are stored in the tool cabinets located in the bow of the boat. When Margie is aboard, the “rules” state that all tools must be returned to the tool cabinets at the end of the day. This is the law of the sea.

Do you remember the famous Disney movie, Pinocchio?  When Geppetto was gone, the toys came alive and moved all over the shop.

Peter’s tools are like these toys. They seem to come alive and move from the bow of the boat aft to find their own comfortable locations.

So, let’s take a trip through Peregrina and view each section of the boat starting at the forward end in the tool room.

Here is the well-ordered tool room with “a place for everything and everything in its place.”


Moving aft, we see the spacious and inviting guest berth with individual reading lights and fans. Come on down for a visit and recline in comfort!


The forward guest cabin has its own en-suite private head (bathroom) to give you privacy.


While you are aboard, recline on the couch in the main salon.  


Or, sit down at our comfy dining table


The meals are prepared in the well-ordered galley (kitchen). Notice that, for efficiency-sake, the crescent wrench and engine coupler are located close to the strawberry jam and coffee. How thoughtful!


If you are inclined to do a little engine work, while aboard, step into our spacious engine room. You will, of course, notice that the heat exchanger has been removed from the engine and is visiting the machinist shop for some spa treatments. (You did notice, didn’t you?)


If you need to relieve yourself while on the hard, visit the aft head with its designer portable bucket.


After about two weeks “home alone”, Peter received word that Margie had booked her ticket and would be arriving in five days.


Pandemonium broke out aboard Peregrina as the 120 hour countdown commenced. With Herculean effort, Peregrina was put back together and shortly after Margie arrived Peregrina was trucked down the highway and launched.


 The entire crew (of 2) are now reunited and back onboard Peregrina - getting ready to head out to discover more of the Sea of Cortez. 



Peter Benziger
I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list

Peter Benziger
I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list