A White Christmas in Panama

Peregrina's Journey
Peter and Margie Benziger
Fri 25 Dec 2015 17:16
​A White Christmas in Panama​

A White Christmas in Panama


It is Christmas time once again

One of our favorite seasons

As we celebrate on our beloved Peregrina

We are thankful for so many reasons


Looking back over the past 12 months

So many memories crowd into our mind

Dozens of new friends and exciting places

With ties that will forever us bind


At the year’s beginning, we were in Trinidad

Working hard to bring Peregrina’s systems up to speed

She had fought hard for us over 35,000 sea miles

As a sailing stallion she has been a formidable nautical steed


Then onward to Grenada we roamed

To anchor in the gentle waters of Prickly Bay

Learning MexicanTrain dominos and salsa dancing

Meeting many new friends along the way.


Onward we ventured to Los Roques, Venezuela

Where many said that we would be robbed blind

But quite the contrary was the situation there

And a warm reception we did find.


We found a cruising paradise of crystal clear water

With people lovely and fair

We got invited to a three day wedding

Where we were wined and dined with great care


Off we sallied to adventure in Bonaire

To live down deep among the wonders of the sea

We went Scuba diving every single day

With no admission price…the world beneath the waves is all free!


Our next stop was in Colombia

To visit Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park

We motorcycled up to a mountain coffee plantation

Just for a lark


Next, it was a bit of history

To Cartegena’s historic walled town

With the ghosts of Spanish conquistadors

Wandering nightly all around


Just a short hop from there to anchor at Isla Grande

To see Pablo Escobar’s palatial mansion in ruin and shame

One of the richest drug barons in the history of the world

He had unimaginable wealth when a bullet ended his fame.


Then … the big day for us in the San Blas islands

We “tied the knot” having formally sailed around the world

Out came a magnum of bubbly Champagne

And all Peregrina’s flags flew proudly unfurled.


We had done it, it had happened

The dream of thirty years had come true

We became circumnavigators

Sailors of the world’s oceans so blue


And now we are at Bastimentos, Panama

Peregrina rocks gently on her sweet lines

Seven members of our family united here for Christmas

Celebrating the love that does us bind


We are so thankful for another adventurous year

Supported by many wonderful, caring family and friends

To you all, we wish that your holidays are joyous

And with love, for every one of you, this year ends.


Peter and Margie

P.S. We are pretty sure it will snow Christmas here!










Peter Benziger

Peter Benziger

Peter Benziger