Holed up in Tarifa

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Wed 13 May 2015 14:22
This is day five of being weather bound. We are sheltering on the west side
of Tarifa, the very south of Spain, and have had continuous 35 knot winds.
Tried to make a passage through the Straits two days ago but could barely
make 2 knots under engine so abandoned it and came back into the shelter.
Shelter from the waves but not the wind and the boat has been rattling, wind
screaming in the rigging setting our nerves on edge. The forecast shows an
easing tomorrow so the plan is away at 0900, and if we need to batten down
and sail so be it. Lots of reading but we will be glad to be away.
Tarifa....has the highest suicide rate in Europe, people are sent mad with
the wind