Away at last

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Sun 13 Jan 2013 12:42
A month in Antigua and finally away. Brass band to see us off, cheers and
waves and out of English harbour with the 27 other Oyster yachts, a
countdown over a start line, boats within 50 meters of each other, shouts of
encouragement and farewells, crashing waves over the bows, an exciting start
and then within two hours only one boat visible as each boat sets its own
course. Probably the next time we see anyone will be in Panama in
preparation for the Canal transit.
The start of our Round the World voyage may formally start in Antigua, but
it was a challenge to reach the start line, with a Biscay crossing, many
overnight watches on long passages to The Canaries and Cape Verde and then
the Atlantic crossing. We're ready for the adventure.