Day 3

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Wed 11 Dec 2013 16:19
Lat 35:13.0S Long 023:09.1E
It's surprising how the weather effects our spirit. Days of dull grey skies
makes us feel dull and grey. Drizzle every hour and angry looking seas means
the cockpit is always wet and cold and we spend more time down below. The
current kept us moving quickly all night and we made great progress. Much
more shipping activity compared to a long cross ocean passage. At 10:30
last night received a radio call asking us to give room to a group of tugs
coming towards us several miles away, pulling a cargo ship. We were just
being overtaken by an oil tanker on one side and a cargo ship on the other,
so had a 3 way conversation with the other ships to share our intentions.
The regulations say ships give way to sailing vessels and both obliged by
altering course to allow us to move out of the line of the tugs. At night, a
1000 ft tanker half a mile away definitely grabs your attention. The sun has
finally broken through so we can dry out, warm up and feel happy again.