Day 10

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Wed 28 Nov 2012 17:12
Lat 15.44:0 long 48.47:0
The winds keep blowing at 20 knots and keep pushing us towards Antigua. It's
definitely tropical, hot and sweaty, despite the breeze, but not too hot,
very pleasant. The boat's performing well, and keeps us feeling safe. The
swell is majestic coming from behind , lifting the boat, twisting it one way
or the other and passing beneath us with hissing foam. Most of our fresh
fruit is finished, some oranges and lemons left and then it will be time to
break into the huge melon we bought in Las Palmas, it's still hard like a
grenade. We've been eating real food, fresh every day, but it's a serious
challenge to cook when being throw around , struggling to hang on and stay
on your feet, but after a while it all seems to become normal.
Boat time is still running on GMT minus 1 hour which means last night sunset
was at 7:30 and dusk at 8:15 which allowed us to eat dinner in the light.
When we left Cape Verde everything was happening one and a half hours
earlier, which meant eating in the dark, which we all agreed wasn't ideal.
We decide when to change the clock, not the BBC or Big Brother. We feel we
are our own world