A Long Sick Crossing

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Sun 4 Nov 2012 10:19
28:07.26N 015:22.90W

Having spent nearly 12 days in Lanzarote, we were ready to leave. The black
volcanic island had little charm left. The boat was cleaned polished and
looked majestic when it finally went back into the water.
Even though the weather forecast was not favourable we left for Las Plamas
mid afternoon on the 31st of October. We had a date for some work to be
carried out on the boat starting on November 1st so there was really no
choice. Andrew had been off colour, suffering from a cold and a stomach bug,
so nothing was perfect for this sail.
The waves started to crash into the boat as we left the marina and the LONG
crossing began in pain. The hero was Oliver who sailed the whole way
without feeling ill. Sussanne however was sick within the first half hour
and continued this way until we arrived in Las Palmas 18 hours later.
The sight of land in the distance at 10am was the most welcoming thing. We
arrived in the marina tired wet and exhausted. The sense of achievement is
always fantastic, however painful the exercise.
Next comes the Atlantic.