Day 15 The arrival...we hope

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Tue 29 Apr 2014 01:46

Lat 38:11.8N Long 30:03.7W
It's amazing what 24 hours does to morale.....and also the prospect of
seeing land again. It's been a hard passage, April in the North Atlantic is
unpredictable and even though we had a force 8 gale to contend with it could
have been worse. Things have now calmed down. Sussanne and Oliver are
sleeping. Sussanne comes on watch at 10 pm and Oliver at 2 am and 6 hours
after that we should see 'Ilha do Faial', one of the islands of the Azores.
Oliver says that the anticipation of hitting land after 2 weeks at sea is as
exciting as Christmas eve when he was small. Completed some small jobs,
stowed away the spinnaker pole, tidied the lines and had a good dinner
around the table with a glass of wine. No need to hold on to the
felt like luxury