Day 6

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Sat 26 Oct 2013 10:25
Lat 16:32.3S Long 082:57.9E

We are now just about in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Australia, 2000
miles to the east, Africa 2500 miles to the west and India 1500 miles to the
north and 1000 miles from even the tiniest island. We feel completely alone.
We are out of the shipping lanes so no cargo boats or tankers, no fishing
boats, nothing. The day's routines are set and we are getting used to the
long watches at night and having to get sleep in short bursts during the
day. The short wave radio is a lifeline to the outside world. Each evening
at 6 and each morning at 8 we sit around the set and make contact with other
sail boats, some up to 1000 miles away. We report in our position, ask about
their weather and winds, and what progress they are making. We also
exchange our menus for the evening meals and occasionally someone puts a
riddle out there for us to solve. Sometimes the reception is good and
sometimes just a faint crackle over the ether, voices drifting in and out.
Still not identified the metal part found on the deck yesterday. Everything
seems to be working OK so far.