Welcome to Durban

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Tue 3 Dec 2013 06:17

Lat 29:51.8S Long 031:01.5E
Yes we did arrive in Durban on Friday (29th November) morning, and sorry to
those who may think we are still lost at sea.
Andrew has had to fly back to the UK to visit his mother who is unwell, so
Oliver and I have been left to look after the boat and to work our way down
the never ending list of 'To Do'.
Our last day at sea ended up being uneventful. The winds did pick up
considerably during the early part of the evening and I watched the wind
dial hit 40knots a few times during my watch. However just as predicted all
went eerily calm a few hours later and we ended up motoring our way across
the Agulhas current, and got into Durban marina at dawn.
Its always a fantastic feeing when you tie up on a jetty having been out at
sea for 10 days. An amazing feeling of achievement. WE had to sit around
for the marina office to open and then get visited by immigration and
custom. Then it was out to the nearest cafe where we enjoyed a hearty
breakfast without being thrown around the cabin.
WE still have the infamous coast line of South Africa to negotiate down to
Cape Town but that will not happen until Andrew returns from England. For
now its back to the job list.