Day 12

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Sat 26 Apr 2014 11:59
Lat 36:23.0N Long 38:17.0W
This is becoming seriously uncomfortable. Winds have continued to build for
the past 3 days and are now whistling around us with confused seas crashing
everywhere. The autohelm is doing valiant service steering the boat which
means we can stay reasonably dry, sheltered from the main force and not
having to be continuously at the wheel. A bit scary yesterday. I was in the
bunk when the boat heeled over completely, putting the cockpit in the water,
a bucket of water appeared over my head from the dorade (air vent) which had
briefly submerged and everything on the starboard shelf took off, shot
straight across the cabin and landed on the port side shelf. The floor
looked vertical. The boat lay there for a moment and then righted itself and
just plodded on. I don't want too many of those. Sussanne and Oliver are
taking it in their stride, but I can see the..." are we nearly there
yet"...look in their eyes. The forecast indicates winds should ease by this
evening. 480 miles to go.