Day 10

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Thu 24 Apr 2014 12:21
Lat 34:02.8N Long45:42.1W
The wind and weather are back, as forecast, and again we are pounding along
into the waves. But it all has a different feel to it. It's starting to get
colder, the sky is overcast and threatening rain and the sea is grey and
unfriendly, building as the winds increase. The cockpit is wet most of the
time with spray but we can get some protection huddled behind the sprayhood.
Last night on watch, Sussanne had noted in the log book at 2am, "Cruise ship
Thomson Dream passed 3 miles to starboard". It seemed strange to think there
were maybe 1000 people, just 3 miles away, in a different world of bars and
restaurants, probably oblivious to the winds and to us. If they had dared
venture out onto deck and looked into the blackness they would have seen a
tiny green light, bouncing along.