Day 8

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Tue 29 Oct 2013 11:46
Lat 18:08.6S Long 074:26.0E
We are still waiting for the winds to arrive. 8-10 knots from the East is
just enough to push us along with our cruising chute but not nearly enough
to cover the daily distance we need. The advantage of these light winds is
that the sea is remarkably flat and calm and we are being blown in a very
comfortable manner, however slow it is.
Last night we saw signs of life. Half a dozen fishing boats, spread over a
few dozen miles. We had earlier had warning, and positions, from other
yachts ,by radio. The first sign of them is an eerie glow below the horizon
and a blip on the radar screen and then a speck of light which grows into
their big bright lights to attract the fish. Quite sophisticated, compared
to unlit local boats nearer the shore. The unknown is how far out their nets
are and whether we can avoid wrapping them around our prop, so we alter
course to give them a wide berth. Strangely it isn't comforting to see other
boats. It is always tense until we are sure of their business and that they
haven't decided to approach us. Opportunists, ' boat people', or those with
other intensions, what could we do if they tried to come alongside. Suddenly
having 70 desperate people climb aboard would definitely be a challenge in
the catering department.